We created the first popular Artificial Intelligence tool specialized in climate change and the environment.

Now you have a climate scientist as a friend!

ClimAI is a friendly chatbot with Artificial Intelligence, an expert in climate change and the environment, developed by Bion.

The assistant is capable of providing relevant information* related to climate science in a simple and easy-to-understand language. Additionally, the tool helps calculate the carbon footprint of individuals and companies and provides tips on how to minimize our impact on the planet.

ClimAI offers the possibility to create a wide variety of content related to the environment, such as articles and posts about climate and nature sciences, as well as solutions like renewable energy, recycling, urban mobility, conscious consumption, circular economy, ESG, and much more!

Like most artificial intelligence tools, ClimAI is still in the testing phase (beta) and may have some instabilities and inconsistencies in responses. Nevertheless, the system accepts corrections and can adapt to the user's profile. Have a conversation with ClimAI as if you were talking to a friend or a teacher to get increasingly interesting solutions and feedback.

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Climate Education

ClimAI uses easy-to-understand language and helps promote awareness about environmental issues, encouraging action to reduce the impacts of climate change.

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ClimAI provides intelligent information about climate change and the environment. It can generate texts and scripts on renewable energy, recycling, mobility, and much more.

Carbon footprint

ClimAI helps individuals and companies calculate and understand their carbon footprints so that everyone can make sustainable and responsible decisions in their daily lives and projects.

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What else can a do?

  • Explain topics related to climate science, the environment, and sustainability in simple language.

  • Assist individuals and companies in understanding their ecological footprints and reducing their impacts on the planet.

  • Compare and suggest the most efficient actions to reduce and offset emissions for each case.

  • Help in the creation and evaluation of new eco-friendly projects, businesses, and products.


ClimAI was featured on Giz_BR.


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